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Situated on a mountainous promontory in the breathtakingly beautiful Nui Chua National Park, this resort offers the last word in luxury living whilst also acting as a window to Vietnam’s undiscovered natural wonders. Privacy and seclusion are key contributors to Amanoi’s considerable charm, and each one of its rooms is a sanctuary that provides a welcome respite from the frenetic pace of everyday life. With scenic views overlooking the aquamarine coast, on the shores of a tranquil lake dotted with lotus blossoms, this spa retreat is a place to balance mind and body. The extensive menu of treatments includes scrubs, wraps, facials and hair care, as well as three Signature Journeys using Aman’s all-natural products and wellness experiences that promote serenity with a combination of therapies. The wellness programmes are designed to support self-healing, the discovery of equilibrium losing weight, a renewed internal focus, a heightened connection and boosting longevity.

The primary focus at the resort is your relaxation & peace and apart from the wellness facilities, there is a lot more at Amanoi that will make your stay here blissful. A five-star dining experience with locally sourced food, elegantly designed villas and amenities provided of the highest standard, you will be at ease. Whether you are interested in some light-hearted self-pampering, or in one of the immersion treatments, the choice of programmes available will cater to all your requirements. This paradise in Vietnam is well worth the visit. 

From £5,599

Includes flights, transfers, accommodation & a 5 night stay

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This spa retreat is designed in order to promote profound change in the lives of those who visit. The programs are calibrated to ensure that they deliver palpable results, with a sense of deep rooted wellbeing. Whether you wish to loose weight, promote spiritual well-being and internal balance to have a healthier life, the spa offers you multiple options. Every day you spend at the individual immersion is personalised to your requirements, based on an initial orientation and wellbeing review. Your day will include specialist bodywork sessions, spa treatments, and you can even join group sessions too. A diet that supports the programme of your choice will ensure you are having a wholesome approach to changes in your body.



The prime ingredient on the menu is the fresh fish from the blue waters of Vinh Hy Bay, which are sourced directly from the fishing boats on a daily basis. The fish is paired with locally sourced delicacies and cooked to bring out the flavours. The five-star dining restaurant is open to both guests & non-guests, offering scenic views over the rolling hills and the bay.

  • Two pools
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Pilates studio
  • Lakeside yoga pavilion
  • Tennis courts
  • Library

Located on the mountainous promontory of Nui Chua National Park, Amanoi looks over the gorgeous bay of Vinh Hy Bay. 

The nearest airport is Cam Ranh and domestic flights from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi service this airport. Situated 55km south of the airport, the approximately 75 min ride takes through the beautiful coastline of Vietnam.

AMANOI in the Press

"I thought that a hands-on manager/facilitator would have smoothed over the bumps
Staff are petulant even childish when mistakes are made
no one is accountable esp. in the wellness centtre were bookings can get complicated
the dining room staff were not charming at all

the pool was beautiful and the rooms needed an upgrade of paint and deep cleaning"
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