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Germany is a health-conscious travellers dream with more than 350 approved health resorts and spas to help prevent and treat illnesses or simply to rest and relax. The country knows a thing or two about retreats with a long history of spas and wellness. Romans appreciated the hot mineral springs at Baden-Baden, and beginning in the 18th and 19th centuries, Europe’s royalty and other aristocrats would meet at the great German spa resort towns. You can still have a taste of the life they enjoyed by staying at resorts like Brenners and Schloss Elmau.

The country’s knowledge on a healthy lifestyle is extensive, which makes it the perfect place for a detox and health-lift. With mountain ranges to observe and scale it’s ideal for families who want to bike, hike and climb. The landscape changes dramatically between Winter and Summer, making it a spot you can visit any time of the year. Be active outside during the summer break, or snuggle up inside for the cosy winter months.

If you decide you need a break from the spas; visit the many treasures of this great European destination. Cologne with its rich 2000-year old history, admire the Azure skies, medieval villages and Bavarian beer houses in the south or enjoy exploring the hustle & bustle of Berlin. Wherever you decide to go, a spa break in Germany offers a incredible mix of beautiful countryside & vibrant culture.

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Take A Break Programme
Ayurveda Parkschloesschen | Germany
2 or 4 days
The take a break programme is all about switching off from the outside world and letting the good and pur energy back in. Leave your mobile phones at home, laptops switched off and let Ayurveda Parkschlösschen revitalise your spirit.A variety of traditional Ayurvedic massages and treatments are...
Sharing from £820 pp Singles from £895 pp
3 Nights at Schloss Elmau
Schloss Elmau | Germany
3 nights
If you're seeking a luxurious mini-break surrounded by nature and fresh mountain air, this three night stay at Schloss Elmau is for you. Tucked away amongst the Bavarian Alps in a quiet corner of Germany, this is the perfect place to come to forget the hassles of everyday life and simply bask in...
Sharing from £869 pp Singles from £939 pp
5 Nights at Schloss Elmau
Schloss Elmau | Germany
5 nights
When it comes to the fine art of pampering, award-winning resort Schloss Elmau is second to none in delivering unique experiences of sheer indulgence. Embraced by the enchanting landscape of the Bavarian Alps, this is the perfect spot for a relaxing escape with a backdrop of breath-taking beauty. Du...
Sharing from £1,420 pp Singles from £1,455 pp
Family Stay at Schloss Elmau
Schloss Elmau | Germany
5 Night Family Stay
A spa hotel might not be the most traditional choice for a family holiday, but Schloss Elmau isn’t a traditional spa hotel. With four separate spas, one of which is specifically for families, spacious suites with kitchenettes as well as a host of different activities and clubs for kids of all ...
Sharing from £1,869 pp
Yoga & Ayurveda Programme
Ayurveda Parkschloesschen | Germany
7 days
The Yoga and Ayurveda programme is an intensive week with a strong focus on cleansing your body and mind. Inner peace, balance and vitality can be achieved by combining the calming qualities of Yoga with the healing capabilities of Ayurvedic treatments.In intensive personal training sessions you wi...
Sharing from £2,010 pp Singles from £2,125 pp
Anti-Stress Programme
Ayurveda Parkschloesschen | Germany
7 Days
In an ideal world, we would all be able to experience inner peace and serenity each and every day to help us lead a happy and healthy life, however the stresses of life can often get in the way of this.The pressure of day to day life can often lower not just our mood but energy, leaving us in need o...
Sharing from £2,450 pp Singles from £2,559 pp
Classic Detox
Brenners Park Hotel & Villa Stephanie | Germany
7 nights
The Classic Detox is ideal for those who have done a detox before and are looking to achieve results quickly. This programme takes an all-encompassing approach to detox, blending diet and exercise to achieve the best possible results.You will receive an entrance consultation, one body analysis, as w...
Sharing from £2,929 pp
Vitality Detox
Brenners Park Hotel & Villa Stephanie | Germany
7 nights
Referred to as "The starter pack with substance", the Vitality Detox is perfect for those who may be new to the world of detox but still want to experience great results. Here you will be blending diet, exercise, and other treatments and activities to get the best results.The programme wil...
Sharing from £3,040 pp Singles from £4,549 pp
Weight Loss Programme
Brenners Park Hotel & Villa Stephanie | Germany
10 nights
In this programme, you will receive the support from experts in nutrition and fitness, along with excellent activities and facilities to achieve weight loss. Upon arrival, you will receive an interview, body analysis, and nutritional consultation which will decide which direction your programme will...
Sharing from £3,235 pp Singles from £3,990 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
LANS Med Basic Programme
Lanserhof Tegernsee | Germany
7 nights
The most modern and holistic medicine, enduring regeneration and prevention – for over thirty years, the award-winning LANS Med concept has been setting standards for a healthy and active life. This unique medical concept combines modern Mayr medicine, traditional naturopathy and the highest m...
Sharing from £3,257 pp Singles from £4,122 pp
The Panchakarma Compact Programme
Ayurveda Parkschloesschen | Germany
10,14 or 21 days
This 10 day programme is based around the “Panchakarma Cure”, an essential detoxification that is designed to achieve your top physical & mental form.This detox experience aims to rid the body of toxins and metabolic waste that has accumulated over time and allow you to heal holistic...
Sharing from £3,450 pp Singles from £3,595 pp
Medical Detox
Brenners Park Hotel & Villa Stephanie | Germany
7 nights
This programme aims to deliver great results through efficient & personalised treatments while allowing guests to be pampered with a more pleasant detox experience. If you’re looking to experience all the benefits of a detox, without the less desirable parts that come with the more intense...
Sharing from £3,989 pp Singles from £5,610 pp
Organic Detox
Brenners Park Hotel & Villa Stephanie | Germany
7 nights
This programme proves that a detox can be both effective and enjoyable with its perfect blend of dietary recommendations, exercise and spa treatments. It begins with an initial interview and body analysis with the detox specialist, as well as a nutritional consultation. This will form the basis of y...
Sharing from £4,085 pp Singles from £5,800 pp
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