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Enjoy the fresh alpine air and dramatic mountain scenery on a Swiss spa retreat. Switzerland is a serious spa destination where you can have almost any ailment checked. Think medi-spa meets pampering with an army of experienced doctors on hand. Have a thorough medical check-up where everything from weight reduction, nutrition, cardio-vascular disease or diabetes can be treated.

Detox and weight-loss are offered with stunning results (don't worry you won't be starved). Fitness is important too and in the warmer weather outdoor exercise is the way forward to the healthier version of yourself, although even in the colder months you will find that this mountainous country lends itself perfectly to winter sports as an alternative way of keeping fit.

Switzerland is the place to come to seriously overhaul your lifestyle. You’ll find that the charming scenery combined with the highly effective retreats leaves you inspired not only to throw yourself into your wellness programme, but to keep up all that you have learnt even after it is time to leave. It is amazing just what taking yourself out of your normal environment and heading somewhere beautiful and new can help you to achieve, and you will find that a visit to picturesque Switzerland immediately helps to dissipate any feelings of stress and sets you on the path to a much improved sense of health and wellbeing.

What’s more, with this being a European destination, Switzerland lends itself perfectly to short breaks and weekends away, perfect for those who are tight of time but are still after that well-deserved wellness break.

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3 Nights at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
3 nights
Voted Medical Master at the Tatler Spa Awards 2016, there’s a lot of hype around this Swiss medical spa. It offers cutting edge medical techniques to deal with just about any problem you may be experiencing. Go for a full medical check-up, for gene testing, even for cancer detection. For those...
Sharing from £639 pp Singles from £1,139 pp
Therapeutic Relaxation Programme
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
4 nights
A programme for those who are desperately in need of some intense relaxation. It aims to be ultra pampering experience bringing actual change to your life by stimulating a physiological relaxation response within your body. These therapeutic treatments aim to penetrate your nervous systems and you c...
Sharing from £2,040 pp Singles from £2,765 pp
Health Check programme
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
2 Nights
This programme is specifically designed to provide you with a deep and detailed insight into how your body is functioning. Full body analyses will let you know how your organs are functioning, how your physical fitness is and so much more.Tests taken throughout the week will include specimen tests ...
Sharing from £2,275 pp Singles from £2,765 pp
Nescens Better Ageing Programme
La Reserve Geneve | Switzerland
5,8 or 15 nights
More than your average, superficial anti-ageing retreat, the Nescens Better Ageing programme aims to offer an effective anti-ageing solution. Taking an all-encompassing approach to ageing that is supported by the medical expertise of the doctors at La Reserve Geneve, this programme uses a combinatio...
Sharing from £3,645 pp Singles from £4,525 pp
Stay Young programme
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
3 Nights
The “Stay Young” programme is for those who are looking to rejuvenate the way they look and feel, focussing on better health and wellbeing as we age.Throughout the week you’ll undergo medical tests to indicate how your body is functioning and what areas may need improvement.A new h...
Sharing from £4,049 pp Singles from £4,410 pp
Sleep Diagnostic Programme
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
2 nights
If you experience trouble falling asleep, disruptive sleep throughout the night, snoring, daytime tiredness or any other sleep-related issue, this programme will handle all of these issues. You will receive a comprehensive treatment plan using modern techniques and therapies to tackle your specific ...
Sharing from £4,670 pp Singles from £4,940 pp
Ragazer Weight Loss Programme
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
6 nights
A programme that aims to help you attain your optimum body weight through a carefully devised routine of exercise, healthy diet, treatments, and medical supervision. You will receive consultations, tests and analysis to monitor your progress and identify what needs to be done for better results.Medi...
Sharing from £6,886 pp Singles from £7,532 pp
Ragazer Detox
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
7 nights
This programme aims to strengthen your immune system and activate new power, energy, and vitality within you by cleansing your body in a targeted manner. You will have the chance to recover your physical and mental wellbeing as you restore your metabolic balance. An all-encompassing approach to deto...
Sharing from £7,740 pp Singles from £8,690 pp
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