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Longevity Holistic Rebalance Vilalara Thalassa Resort, Portugal

Arrive at the Vilalara Longevity Thalassa Medical Spa and Resort along the incredibly beautiful rust-coloured Algarve coastline. Relax in the seaside gardens and take a stroll along the golden beach as you settle into the resort.

If you have been feeling just out of sorts and not quite 100%, enrol in the Longevity Holistic Rebalance pampering programme to help you feel like your old self. First, you will have a personal health check and a nutritional consultation to become more informed about your body.

Next, you will receive physical treatments including an osteopathy session to restore mobility and a microphysiotherapy session to prevent or heal injuries. A cranio-sacral therapy session will release tension stored in the body.  

The pampering begins with an aromatherapy massage and two baths - one bubble bath and one multi-jet bath. You will also feel well-cared for as you enjoy an exfoliation treatment in the tepidarium. Other therapies include an energetic healing session and a mindfulness therapy session.

When you return home, not only will your physical self feel rejuvenated, your spirit will be lighter, too.

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Including transfers, accommodation & programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Accommodation in a Junior Suite Garden View
  • Transfers
  • Half board: buffet breakfast + 1 standard health & tasty low calorie meal per night
  • Daily supply of Alkaline Water 9.5pH and Herbal Teas
  • Access to the Relaxation Area
  • Access to the Longevity Vitality Plan daily group activities 
    (ex: Slim Circuit, Burn It, Aqua Boost, Aquapilates, Power Hike, Shape It, HIIT, Walk, Fitball, Pilates, Yoga, Tibetan Bowls & Stretching)
5 Nights
  • 1x Personal Health Check
  • 1x Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultation
  • 1x Osteopathy Session
  • 1x Microphysiotherapy
  • 1x Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • 1x Energetic Healing Session
  • 1x Mindfulness Therapy Session - Mind, Body & Inner Self Relaxation
  • 1x Exfoliation in the Tepidarium
  • 1 Multijet Bath
  • 1x Bubble Bath
  • 1x Aromatherapy Massage
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"The phone advisor was good and helpful but I didn't like the resort at all; It wasn't for me but that's not really her fault. I'm used to planning my own holidays and I guess I can't expect services like this to get it exactly right!"
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