Sleep Diagnostic Programme Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

If you experience trouble falling asleep, disruptive sleep throughout the night, snoring, daytime tiredness or any other sleep-related issue, this programme will handle all of these issues. You will receive a comprehensive treatment plan using modern techniques and therapies to tackle your specific problem. It includes an extensive analytic procedure using video-polysomnography, recording every possible disturbance factor during your sleep, enabling a clear diagnosis made on the basis of your sleep pattern results.

You will then be given specific recommendations from the medical specialists for lasting results. The outcome hopes to deliver a future of blissful night sleep. You will also have unlimited access to the thermal spa, daily fitness and relaxation classes, and fitness centre to enhance your wellness experience.

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Includes accommodation & a 2 night SLEEP DIAGNOSTIC programme

Standard Inclusions

Standard inclusions for all Sleep Diagnostic Programmes

  • Accommodation
  • Unlimited access to the 36.5˚ Wellbeing & Thermal Spa
  • Tamina Therme (public thermal spa)
  • Daily fitness and relaxation classes
  • Fresh fruit and water everyday
  • Body & Sports and BENEFIT fitness centres
  • 24-hour care service (billable according to use)
2 Nights

In addition to the above, the 2-night Sleep Diagnostic Programme includes:

  • Thorough medical examination
  • Weight and body mass index measurement
  • Central nervous system function check
  • Spine check
  • Laboratory examination of liver, kidneys, thryroid, blood sugar, blood lipids and blood count
  • Lung function test (incl. lung volume and airway resistance testing)
  • Through sleep investigation – video polysomnography

feefor rating
"Viva Mayr is a well known high end health resort. However there is significant pressure from the doctors and health clinic receptionist to up sell and buy expensive treatments, over and above what is already included in my package and not in accordance with my wishes. I don't feel altogether comfortable having to be very assertive to my doctor nor the clinic manager, when they are purporting to put my physical health first. However I felt they did not feel they considered my financial health and wishes. A very disappointing stay and I will not return."
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