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Our Top 6 Anti-Ageing Retreats

One of the only certainties in life is that we all age. Growing older can be a liberating process for many, viewing their years as experience and feeling more secure and confident as the years go by, for others the prospect can be a little more daunting. Whatever your view on the matter, it’s important to take care of yourself so as to age as healthily as possible. We believe growing older is a positive thing and that people should only get better with age, so we’ve put together a list of some of our best healthy ageing retreats that help make this process as easy as possible:


1. Marbella Club Beauty Programme -  Marbella Club, Spain

Situated on the coast of Spain, the extravagant Marbella Club sits peacefully on the Golden Mile providing world class programmes and treatments to its exclusive clientele. The years will just trickle away as you discover the lush green gardens leading out onto the white sand beach, and that’s all before the treatments have even begun!

With a tight focus on rejuvenation the Marbella Club beauty programme is geared towards anti-ageing. Harnessing the power of nature, the beauty programme uses many holistic and natural treatment methods including their world class Thalassotherapy sessions that use sea waters healing qualities.

To rejuvenate the skin three unique types of facials are used; essential, collagen and High Skin Refining. The facials are personalised to your skins needs to provide the best results possible.

When you’re not being pampered or massaged, time can be spent in the state of the art spa. With hammam-style steam baths and wood-burning Finnish saunas you’ll be able to rejuvenate not just your skin, but your energy as you rebalance and connect with your innermost self again.

 Marbella Club Better Ageing programme

2. Rocco Forte Anti-Age Programme at Verdura Resort, Italy

Verdura is a resort with nature at the heart of its operation, based on the coast of Sicily this stunning destination offers a variety of life changing, anti—ageing solutions in their intricate and inspiring “Anti-Age” programme. With such an intimate feel it’s hard to believe how large the resort is, offering so many facilities and an extremely attentive staff.

The anti-ageing Rocco Forte programme focusses not only on the biological effects of ageing on the body but also the psychological effects. Treatments are used for long term benefit with healing made on the inside and out of the body.

Treatments involve; specialised facials, saline scrubs, aroma massage, reflexology, head massage, regenerating body compresses and more. Two consultations take place during your stay, the first of which to decide the best treatments for you throughout the programme and the second to give you continuity advice and ensure that healthy ageing continues following the programme. There’s even cooking classes available to put new healthy recipes into practice for when you return home.

 Rocco Forte Anti-Age Programme

3. Anti Age Rejuvination Programme - The Farm at San Benito, Phillipines

The Farm’s reputation precedes it, with multiple award wins, this is a sanctuary designed purely around relaxation and healing. The retreat has rich tranquil gardens, calming fountains and lavish accommodation to influence a balanced and centred state. The Farm offers a wide range of programmes with many specialists on hand with alternative treatments available for ageing treatments.

The Farm anti-ageing programme uses a number of eclectic methods by old and new to revitalise the body inside and out. Whilst turning back the clock, their detoxifying methods will also revitalise the body, strengthening the immune system and help stop bad cells in their tracks. By creating a healthy inside of the body, a healthier and younger looking outside is achieved.

Treatments include facials, body scrubs, massage, colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture and more, the combination of holistic and medical interventions ensures anti-ageing is covered from all angles and heightens the rate of success. Daily nutritional advice and health consultations are just a few of the ways The Farm endeavour to help your rejuvenation continue even after the programme has ended.


4. Longevity Programmes - Vilalara, Thalassa Resort, Portugal

Vilalara is an exclusive destination sitting along the breathe-taking Algarve coastline with stunning views and golden beaches. With a strong focus on rejuvenation the resort is well equipped with top of the line products and treatment facilities, including some of the best thalassotherapy programmes in the world. Offering not one, but two anti-ageing programmes, this is truly a destination to ensure healthy ageing.

The first is the “Longevity Medical and Anti-Ageing Check Up” programme, based primarily around improving the health of its clients so as to combat signs of ageing. For the medical side, full body check-ups, wellbeing consultations, lifestyle assessments and other checks are carried out to alert their team to any potential health risks. Once these are completed a plan of action for health improvement can be put in place alongside relaxing and rejuvenating treatments so that you leave healthier, rejuvenated and with a peace of mind.

The second is the “Longevity life rejuvenation and anti-ageing” programme, this is a more intense option than the first programme featuring similar medical processes but also more treatments to encourage anti-ageing. Detoxing, deep cleansing and skin nourishing are just a few of the treatments on this in-depth programme that ensures you’ll leave with a higher immune system and lead you on the path to a healthier future.


5. Rejuvination Programme - Como Shambhala Estate, Indonesia

Set in a tropical paradise, the Como Shambhala Estate is the epitome of relaxation, with palm trees, sunshine and even a serene river, it’s hard not to fall in love at first sight with this destination. Specialising in Holistic and traditional Asian healing methods, Como Shambhala offers a touch of culture and a change of pace alongside its healthy ageing programmes, allowing for a holiday as you heal.

An initial wellness consultation is set up to kick-start the Como Shambhala rejuvenation programme and take your wants and needs into consideration when scheduling your stay. The resident nutritionist will then provide personalised advice and solutions for improving energy, weight, skin, digestive and hormonal health, whilst targeting food allergies and intolerances, all of which can be detrimental in ageing.

Treatments focus on rejuvenating the body both through therapy and exercise with private yoga and pranayama lessons available. Facials, beauty treatments, body massages and more are geared towards rejuvenating and illuminating the skin.


6. Anti - Ageing Programme - Castel Monastero Resort and Spa, Tuscany, Italy

Situated amongst the vineyards and rolling hills of Tuscany, this former castle turned detox spa retreat is one you won’t soon forget. The views of the surrounding rural areas provide a peaceful state of mind, in touch with nature whist you participate in the anti-ageing process.

The Castel Monastero anti-ageing programme takes a hands on approach with medical, holistic and fitness intervention methods all at play throughout, making for a truly thorough experience. With the standard nutritional assessments and bioelectric impedance tests starting off the programme, staff then work to make a tailored plan for your stay.

The programmes treatments involve; various types of massage, body scrubs, hydrotherapy sessions, body-lifting treatments and more to leave you feeling younger and more revitalised for when you leave.


If you would like to know more about healthy ageing programmes, speak to our wellness team who will be able to help you to find the one that is perfect for you - call us on 020 7843 3597 or enquire here

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