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Pilates is a growing exercise trend that is becoming the exercise of choice to achieve a flat stomach and a long, lean and toned body. Originally used for rehabilitation purposes, Pilates is a body conditioning routine that seeks to build flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination without adding muscle bulk. Pilates also has an innovative mind-body exercise using a floor mat and variety of equipment which evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates. The exercises concentrate on building strength from your core and can dramatically transform the way your body looks, performs and feels. 

With Healing Holidays you will find inspiring places around the world to go on a Pilates retreat. From begginers programmes to advanced level, choose your pilates retreat overlooking the most beutiful scenary in Europe to Pilates reformer bootcamps in Thailand. Whatever you choose, we’ll get you away from everything except your passion for pilates. 

Speak to our wellness travel consultants to book your Pilates retreat on 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.


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SUP Yoga & Pilates at Sol Beach House
38 Degrees North Fitness Retreats | Spain
3 nights - 22 - 25 Jun. 6 - 9 Jul. 7 - 10 Sep.
This programme allows a maximum of 8 participants, & you will build a camaraderie with your peers as you collectively work together, to encourage and inspire each other. The refreshing 3-night programme includes 4 stand up paddle board sessions, which will challenge your strength, balance and co...
Sharing from £1,405 pp Singles from £1,689 pp
Shanti-Som Pilates Retreat
Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat | Spain
Whether you're a beginner looking to get to grips with Pilates, or an experienced enthusiast looking to spend some time dedicating themselves to their favourite fitness activity, this 6 night Pilates programme at Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat is sure to offer what you seek. Located in sunny Spain...
Sharing from £1,639 pp Singles from £2,030 pp
Be Fit Programme
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
Receive two extra nights free
This programme uses a holistic approach to fitness, catering to those seeking to improve their fitness levels as well as those wanting to kick-start a fitness regime.Starting off with a comprehensive fitness assessment, this fitness programme is tailor‐made to meet your fitness goals, including bo...
Sharing from £1,779 pp Singles from £2,079 pp
Pilates Reformer Bootcamp
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
Receive two extra nights free
Absolute Sanctuary is the first resort to bring Pilates reformer classes to Asia. Inspired by the unique programs the Absolute's Pilates Reformer programme will strengthen your core muscle groups, burn fat, build long, lean and toned muscles to achieve the ideal body.This bootcamp programme is i...
Sharing from £1,779 pp Singles from £2,039 pp
Embracing Change Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
Enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fulfilment with the Embracing Change programme. Offering an experience of self-discovery and growth, this programme includes a combination of traditional Asian massages, Chinese Medicine and personal lifestyle consultations.The Embracing Change programme focu...
Sharing from £2,899 pp Singles from £3,299 pp
Be Active Programme
COMO Shambhala Estate | Indonesia
7 or 14 nights
This results-driven programme focuses on holistic, healthy living to improve your health and fitness levels. You will receive personal training sessions and revitalising massages. The programme incorporates wellness consultations, fitness assessments and daily personal training to ensure you see the...
Sharing from £2,941 pp Singles from £4,135 pp
Comprehensive Optimal Fitness Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
Kamalaya's Comprehensive Optimal Fitness Programme is geared towards those who exercise regularly, and want to improve their workouts by striking the right balance between exercise, relaxation techniques, stretching, nutrition and a generally healthy lifestyle.. The team of fitness and wellness ...
Sharing from £2,975 pp Singles from £3,295 pp
Optimal Performance Retreat
Chiva-Som | Thailand
Fitness and Physiotherapy
The Performance Retreat aims to build on your existing fitness level to ensure that you are performing at your optimal level, using a combination of different activities, treatments, and diet.When you arrive you will receive a consultation with your Health and Wellness advisor which will help ascert...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
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"I thought that a hands-on manager/facilitator would have smoothed over the bumps
Staff are petulant even childish when mistakes are made
no one is accountable esp. in the wellness centtre were bookings can get complicated
the dining room staff were not charming at all

the pool was beautiful and the rooms needed an upgrade of paint and deep cleaning"
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