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Eucrasia at Elounda Hotels & Resorts Greece, Europe

Eucrasia is the brainchild of Dr George Leon. This wellness experience involves state-of-the art diagnostic clinical testing, an antioxidant-rich Mediterranean diet, a scientifically tailored exercise programme, psychosomatic awareness training and rehabilitation and heavenly body treatments by Six Senses Spa. The purpose of Eucrasia is to bring you back to your natural state of health and complete body harmony. Every element of the programmes have been thoroughly researched and you are treated by the top experts in their field. The programmes are for 7 nights, with no more than 8 people, and your testing starts weeks before you start your programme with saliva tests and analysis of your hair. You complete an in-depth medical questionnaire and send copies of all recent scans and medical reports from your GP, so that when you arrive, they already have a picture of the state of your health.

The beautiful island of Crete, and the Elounda Mare resort is your base for your retreat, surrounded by the sea, with the mountains as a backdrop. Its near-perfect climate is ideal, and the retreats are held in the cooler months of April, September and October. Your first day begins with a series of tests, body analysis and a full psychological profiling. This is your first introduction to Dr George Leon - a gentle, quiet and serene man, and someone you will spend a big part of your day with over your week. You will discover that the unassuming Dr George has a cult-like following in Greece, and is revered by the great and the good. With his own clinic in Athens, he treats the top celebs and super rich alongside his regular clients. All are treated equally, and you won’t get any special treatment because of your status or the depth of your pockets. Whilst Dr George is an expert in Food Biochemistry and Human Metabolic Biophysics, he is also deft in his knowledge on Kinesiology and the structure of the human body. He has been an integral part of the training team of the Greek and Russian Basketball and Football teams, as well as with Olympian athletes, one of whom, Roula Strataki, now works with him and does the personal training - not too shabby to be trained by a former Track & Field European and World champion. In fact you will discover that you will be in the hands of some of the world’s top skilled professionals.

Dr Stavroula Kokkinou is the master of DNA analysis, and the author of many white papers on subjects varying from lymphomas to Molecular Pathological anatomy - she is at the cutting edge of new techniques and treatments. Then there is Dr Kouretas, who is a leading professor on Bio-chemistry and Biotechnology, and who, together with Dr George, created the ‘functional foods’, which are the heavenly tasting snacks you munch on twice a day. They are loaded with goodness and fuel your body with slow-releasing energy. There is a team of over 20 experts all at your disposal, all wholly committed to the practices of Dr George.

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You will never find a more balanced, perfectly conceptualised programme for achieving good health and anti-ageing. The level of expertise at your fingertips throughout the duration of the programme is colossal, and advice and counselling is given with kindness and compassion. There is no judging, just a huge desire from everyone to help you achieve good health and mental wellbeing. The three month follow-up helps you stay on this path - there are suggested, easily-prepared menus for your food, daily exercise programmes especially created for you, and triggers to observe and to action which will aid your ongoing health.

You will have regular skype calls with the doctors to reassure and address any questions. Because you are stripped bare from the moment you arrive, you will build life long friendships with your group and doctors. This programme will change your life.


Food during your programme is bountiful. It’s a Mediterranean diet from traditional Cretan recipes using the purest organic ingredients, local herbs and plants, which not only tastes delicious but also apparently has healing therapeutic qualities; it’s rich in antioxidants, and high in dietary fibres and macronutrients. It is more than just fuel for the body, it acts as a protective barrier against lots of grisly diseases.

Dr George will join your group at every meal and he painstakingly measures the amount of food on each plate with his chefs - this a ritual for each meal. Breakfast always starts with protein - an omelette with mushrooms, goats cheese and roasted peppers, followed by pancakes made from whey and egg-whites with honey, nuts and some fruit. Lunch and dinner always start with a green salad dressed with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar as these help the gut and PH balance and regulate the hunger hormones. Fish or lamb stew follows, with mountain cabbage (stamnagathi), garlic and beans in a light tomato sauce. This is slow food at its finest. You have three main meals each day and two snacks - walnuts and dates or one of Dr Georges’ specially-made bars. As the days progress your portions get bigger, and the food will taste even better as your taste buds amplify…


There is plenty on offer at Elounda Mare that will get you active and keep you occupied. While your programme will have its prescribed physical activities, there are plenty of other opportunities to get active. With a gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, and golf course all located on site, you won’t have to journey very far to find your preferred method of sport. Located right along the coastline, guests will also have access to a range of water sports for those seeking an alternative way to keep fit.

Sports and exercise aside, with an indoor games room, shopping arcade, and plenty of other facilities on offer, for those who prefer to just relax in their free time, you will also find yourself more than catered for.

  • Six Senses Spa
  • Gym
  • Tennis Courts
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Lounges
  • Golf Course
  • Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Games Room

Situated in the scenic fishing town on Elounda, Crete, with an envious beachfront location and views across the Aegean Sea. 

There are direct daily services from London to Heraklion International Airport in Crete, which is also served several times a day by 40 minute flights from Athens, followed by a 50 minute private transfer to the hotel. 

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Take full advantage of the follow-up sessions you will receive from the doctors, they will ensure you stay on the path you started on during your time at Eucrasia.


Eucrasia follows the IMMOT series of programmes, which stands for Intelligent Mediterannean Metabolic hOmeostasis Therapy. The focus is on acheiving balance in both the physical and psychological sense. 

At the base of all IMMOT programmes is the Core Therapy Programme, consisting of individualised medical tests, a personalised nutritional plan, body workout programme. physical rehabilitation programme and psychosomatic awareness as well as three months of follow up using specialised internet software. 

Please note the Eucrasia programmes only run for part of they year, register your interest with the Healing Holidays team for 2017 programmes. 

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Greek Wisdom Detoxification Journey
Eucrasia at Elounda Hotels & Resorts | Greece
5 nights
For those after a gentle introduction to detox, the Greek Wisdom Detoxification Journey is the perfect programme. Taking place over 2 days out of your 5 night stay, you will also have access to the thalassotherapy and thermal suite before and after treatments. Inspired by the theory of Empedocles, a...
Sharing from £959 pp Singles from £1,199 pp
Total IMMOT Programme
Eucrasia at Elounda Hotels & Resorts | Greece
7 nights
The total IMMOT programme focuses on metabolic integrity and life balance. This programme is suited to those who are after preventive treatments through the use of natural medicine and optimising the immune and metabolic systems. During the programme you will improve your nutritional habits, change ...
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IMMOT for Performers and Public Speakers
Eucrasia at Elounda Hotels & Resorts | Greece
This programme is geared towards anyone wanting to develop their vocal expertise, whether they are a singer, actor, public speaker, politician or lawyer. It is also the ideal programme for those recovering from vocal trauma or fatigue, as well as for post-surgery rehabilitation. Treatments to expect...
Sharing from £12,549 pp Singles from £12,989 pp
IMMOT for Body
Eucrasia at Elounda Hotels & Resorts | Greece
7 nights
The IMMOT for Body programme focuses on rejuvenating and anti-ageing. It will include in-depth dermatologic and somatic rehabilitation. As with all programmes at Eucrasia, the IMMOT for Body will be completely tailored to you following a series of tests upon your arrival. The programme will also inc...
Sharing from £13,979 pp Singles from £14,399 pp
IMMOT for Immunity Boosting
Eucrasia at Elounda Hotels & Resorts | Greece
7 nights
Also known as the Immunometabolic Arousal Programme, this programme focuses on detoxifying and addressing existing health issues on a cellular level. Metabolic dysfunction is also a focus, as is somatic rehabilitation. For those looking to boost their immune system as well as their overall feeling o...
Sharing from £13,979 pp Singles from £14,399 pp
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"I would like to thank Klaudia very much for all her help at making our holiday a stress free and enjoyable one.Everything was organised brilliantly up to the smallest details.My husbsnd is a wheelchair user and for the first time the hotel was truely wheelchair accessible unlike many other places we have visited.Klaudia made sure of that.we had no problems as well with our private transport as it accomodated our luggage and the wheelchair.
So thank you very much for making thos an enjoyable experience"
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