Dr. Jose Luis Guijarro - Marbella Club Wellness Expert

Dr. Guijarro obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Granada with excellent grades and his Doctorate with honors.

A specialist in Endocrinology, Nutrition and Internal Medicine, he is an active mentor in both public and private schools, as well as head of the endocrinology unit at the Incosol Medical Spa for nearly 20 years. There he has launched new medical units including Diagnostic Imaging, Virtual Colonoscopy, Virtual Coronary Angiography, Sleep Studies Unit, Aesthetic Medicine, Unit for the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer, etc.

An enthusiastic mentor, he is an active collaborator on a diversity of publications, lectures and medical conferences on nutrition and health. Dr. Guijarro has a particular research interest on issues related to obesity (genetic and obesity, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, etc).

Dr Jose Luis Guijarro is currently a specialist in endocrinology and nutrition at Marbella Club.

1. What is the basic philosophy of Marbella Club?
Our wellness philosophy is based on the nourishing Mediterranean lifestyle.  We drew upon today’s demand for a luxurious seaside escape with family and friends and combined this need with integrative wellbeing and lifestyle programmes.  

Our wellness experience is based on Mediterranean principles, healthy cuisine, thalassotherapy treatments, holistic and fitness activities and medical supervision. We offer personalised balanced wellness programmes, which therefore, provide sustainable long-term results. 

As our Wellness Manager, Jose Alarcon explains, “At the Marbella Club, we are motivated by the inspirational culture of the Mediterranean. We want to show our guests how to embrace life to its fullest, enjoy food/physical movement and become mindful, as well as medically and emotionally sound. No deprivation required!”

2. What makes you different from other wellness spas?
There are several aspects that set us apart from other wellness spas around the world.

Mediterranean inspired: The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle were the inspiration behind our signature wellbeing pathways.  Programmes are founded in Mediterranean principles and designed to enrich your life through food, education, active/holistic activities and medicine. 

Location: Our beautiful seafront location and climate set us apart from other spas and facilities.  Guests can enjoy year round sunny skies and warm temperatures, as well as direct access to the sea and all of its health benefits. 

Thalasso Spa: We are one of the only facilities to offer a fully integrated approach to health and wellness, as well as programmes designed around thalassotherapy.  Thalassotherapy uses the healing powers of sea water to relieve stress and fatigue.  Sessions offer a natural defense against ageing and help to reduce wrinkles/make the skin look younger and firmer. 

Social: You can enjoy a healthy program in the company of your family and friends.  This means that you can combine a vacation with your healthy lifestyle goals.  No need for an isolated restrictive retreat.  

Full spectrum/results driven: We provide a full spectrum of medical, nutritional, physical and holistic results orientated pathways.  All of our treatments are designed and administered by experts in their respective fields. 

Personalised:  Our pathways are all personalised based on your health, physicality and goals.  We are in touch before your visit in order to properly understand your needs.  We follow up after you have departed from the resort to ensure you have the support to continue with your wellness path. 

3. What are Marbella Club's most popular programmes?
The Mediterranean Renewal is the most popular programme, as it reflects the essence of our Mediterranean lifestyle philosophy. All of the treatments included are designed to optimize relaxation, nourishment and wellbeing. The programme (in fact, all of our programmes) offer the perfect balance of leisure, fresh healthy food, outdoor activities and holistic therapies. 

The Body Rebalance (Slimming and Purify)/ Emotional Rebalance (De-stress) programmes are also quite popular, simply because a large percentage of people are looking for quick sustainable results – especially when it comes to weight loss and stress.

4. How do you support your guests to find the right treatments?
Our pathways are highly personalised.  The process begins before arrival as we send each guest a detailed questionnaire inquiring about their goals, personal experiences and lifestyle. 

Every pathway begins with a private consultation by one of our expertly trained professionals - beauty therapist, phycologist, dietician, doctor.  We perform a personalised assessment that will provide insight into the guest’s overall health and wellness.  Our team will then develop a bespoke pathway. 

We will meet with the guests throughout their experience at the resort to gauge the results, as well as their experience. 

5. Who will most benefit from a stay at Marbella Club?
Guests who want to improve their overall health, wellness and lifestyle would benefit greatly from our pathways, as well as anyone who wishes to continue with their healthy lifestyle choices whilst on vacation.

6. What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay?
Short term programmes are wonderful for those who have very limited time and want to press the re-set button/return home feeling rested and rejuvenated.  Two and three day breaks are ideal for those want to enhance their overall wellbeing, learn a new skill or discover a new sport.

Long term programmes are designed for guests who are able to dedicate the time to a wellness programme.  Guests will see significant results during a longer visit, whether it be fitness, weight loss or stress related.  They will also benefit from the time spent with our experts on site, who will not only advise but guide guests as they discover their new path to wellness. 

7. What is the best time to go to Marbella Club?
Anytime is ideal to start a healthy lifestyle.  Marbella is beautiful year round.  However, October through to April are the best months to experience one of our wellness pathways.  The weather is perfect for outdoor activity. 

8. Is there a minimum stay at your resort?
There is no minimum stay at Marbella Club.

9. What is the most important advice you would give to someone who wants to do a detox retreat?
The best advice that we can give to anyone who wants to experience a detox vacation is to embrace it – this means physically and emotionally.   We offer a programme and pathway called Purifying.  It is a special form of detoxification as it is designed to diminish the build-up of harmful substances and allow the body to rebalance.  It is about delicious Mediterranean cuisine, spa treatments, stress management and physical exercise.  You will not achieve the results without all of these aspects. 

 Embrace the programmes, the food and how this new way of life makes you feel – you are embarking on a new and exciting lifestyle change that will have lasting benefits. 

10. Do you provide support after your guests stay?
Yes, we provide a full analysis including tips, instructions and advice during the final evaluation. 

We offer a follow up service within fifteen days of the visit to ensure that the client is still on track, as well as to determine what they need to continue on their personal journey. 

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