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Danira Caleta - Healing Practitioner Guest Blogger

Working as a healing practitioner at London’s renowned Hale clinic for over 15 years, Danira specializes in integrated health. As a healer she offers guided meditation, visualization, Chi Kung breath work, chakra balancing and energy healing.


Danira is dedicated to supporting cancer patients on their journey to better health and has attained great results working with trauma release, people suffering from ME/Chronic fatigue and relaxation techniques for women who suffer with stress-related infertility.


As a facilitator of health on a cellular level, Danira provides the opportunity for her client's self-healing mechanisms to engage by releasing emotions and which then clears the body of blockages.


Her fascination with indigenous cultures and a passion for anthropology took her on a remarkable two-year journey of discovery and opened the door to the world of natural energy healing.


Danira spent time living with Tuareg nomads in the Sahara, the Inuit in the Arctic Circle and Tibetan monks in Dharamsala where she learnt their indigenous healing techniques. Her quest to expand her knowledge of healing has also taken her to Brazil to see the world famous healer John of God and to Lourdes to work with the Nuns at the healing baths.

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