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Solomon - May 2017

Originally it took a lot of persuasion from my wife to make the idea of a fitness holiday sound appealing to me, but I’m so glad she suggested it.

It was outstandingly brilliant. I never knew 5 hours of exercise for three days would be so much fun and I'd leave with such a sense of achievement and planning how to eat, drink, exercise and generally live going forward.

It’s changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful.

James - May 2017

Had the best weekend working out with 38 DN - and even managed to fit in a night's dancing too! Excellent training, superb hotel and a lovely group of guests. Highly recommend the weekend to 'reset one's co-ordinates'!

Victoria - March 2017

I attended the Easter bootcamp in Ibiza with a few friends and absolutely loved it. The workouts were challenging but enjoyable and there was no pressure to do more than you wanted to. We were all motivated and encouraged, but it still felt like a relaxing holiday. I had a great time meeting new people and making new friends. I’ll definitely return next year and cannot recommend it highly enough. 

Faye T - 12 APR 2015

Thank you so much for suggesting I go to 38 Degrees North. I have always been interested in yoga, and I really got to immerse myself in the practise - while in a gorgeous location. I couldn't have asked for more! To top it off, use of the spa area was the perfect treat after a long day. I feel much more balanced now that I have returned. 

Drew - 13 May 2015

After gaining weight at my previous job, I was self-conscious, and I'm glad that I chose this retreat to kick-start my fitness regime. I felt encouraged and I really pushed my physical limits. And now I will keep pushing the boundaries on my strength, speed, flexibility and stamina. Thanks for helping me to select this holiday. 

Lena - 28 May 2014

I can't get over what a great time I had with my partner on the Group Optimal Fitness retreat at 38 Degrees North. We generally try to exercise and support each other at home, but the group environment really helped us to keep our energy level and spirits up. The enthusiastic instructors also helped. I tried TRX for the first time, and Dave tried yoga for the first time, so there was lots of learning all around. What a fantastic trip! 

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