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SHA Wellness Clinic offers a wide variety of programmes to address specific issues and health concerns. The SHA Wellness Packages allow guests to add a second area of focus throughout their stay. You can, for example, enrol on a detox programme and add on a cognitive enhancement package to learn more about how your mind works in the state-of-the-art dedicated Cognitive Development Unit.

How to book your SHA package? 

1. Selecet your favourite SHA programme

2.  Add one of the following packages to your retreat: cognitive enhancement, fitness, revitalising energetic health or stress management. 


Please note - these wellness packages are not a stand alone programmes. They must be booked in conjunction with a 7 night stay and 7 night programme or more. 

Standard Inclusions

Cognitive Enhancement Package - £463

  • 2x Neuro-feedback sessions
  • 1x Mindfulness private class
  • 2x Neuro-technique sessions
  • Initial Cognitive Rehabilitation Consultation
  • Neuro Training App
  • 1x Omega 3 Krill vitamin supplement (120 capsules)
  • 1x Stress B Plus vitamin supplement (90 capsules)

* Suitable to combine with programmes that last 7 - 14 days.

Fitness Package - £644

  • 1x High-tech training session, according to prescription
  • 1x Posture training session
  • 1x Outdoor functional training session
  • 2x Classic training session
  • 1x Specific vitamin supplement, according to prescription

* Suitable to combine with programmes that last 7 - 14 days, excluding the Fitness Programme.

Revitalising Energetic Health Package - £731

  • Initial bioenergetics consultation
  • Acupuncture consultation
  • 1x Treatment session with Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields
  • 2x Electronic signal treatment session
  • 2x Session of bioresonance therapy
  • 1x Chinese Traditional Medicine session
  • Final bioenergetics consultation

* Suitable to combine with with programmes that last 7 - 14 days.

Stress Management Package - £903

  • Bioenergetics consultation
  • 1x Treatment session with Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields
  • Acupuncture consultation
  • 1x Chinese Traditional Medicine session
  • 2x Session of Psychotherapy - Coaching

* Suitable to combine with programmes that last 7 - 14 days, excluding the Anti-stress programme.​

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So thank you very much for making thos an enjoyable experience"
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