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When we’re stressed and busy, life can often pass us by and fade into one long blur, the Lefay Spa Essence programme is designed to combat this and allow you to rediscover yourself and find a new balance in life. Being able to escape the pressure of your day to day routine is vital to detoxing your mind of stress and imbalance, the resting time and therapies will allow the mind and body to rejuvenate and refresh.

Over the 4 night programme you will receive treatments to revitalise not just the body but the mind as you indulge in aroma-hydrotherapy sessions, energy body massage and calming guided walks through the therapeutic gardens. Treatments will be altered to meet your needs and examinations will be carried out at the start and end of the week to gage the best course of treatment and to advise on how best to maintain results achieved on the programme. 

Sharing from £1,425 pp Singles from £1,889 pp

Including transfers, accommodation & programme

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  • Accommodation

"In my opinion the only negative I have . More emphasis should be put in introducing you to other guests.the meeting table really is not adequate. No group meetInfant were had all the time I was there. I can mingle with any one . However it took me two days to start a conversation. Confusion being unsure whether it was a place for talking or not . So is in need to advertise promote group gatherings. So all feel totally comfortable. Every one I spoke to said this was lacking and such a shame . Apart from that I loved it 😀"
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