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This programme aims to strengthen your immune system and activate new power, energy, and vitality within you by cleansing your body in a targeted manner. You will have the chance to recover your physical and mental wellbeing as you restore your metabolic balance. An all-encompassing approach to detox starts you with an initial consultation addressing your individual needs, as well as a series of tests and diagnoses to ascertain the current state of your body. 

Enjoy a series of treatments - tailored detox infusions, digestive tract cleansing, and nutritional advice to help you maintain your results. During your time here you will also enjoy unlimited access to the spas, fitness centres, and daily fitness and relaxation classes and the thermal waters.

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Includes accommodation & a 7 night DETOX RETREAT programme

Standard Inclusions

Standard inclusions for all Detox Retreats:

  • Unlimited access to the 36.5˚ Wellbeing & Thermal Spa
  • Tamina Therme (public thermal spa)
  • Daily fitness and relaxation classes
  • Fresh fruit and water everyday
  • Body & Sports and BENEFIT fitness centres
  • 24-hour care service (billable according to use)
7 Days

In addition to the above, the 7-night Detox Retreat includes:

  • Thorough medical history check
  • Analysis by their specialist detox laboratory
  • Body composition breakdown (measurement of body fat and muscle mass)
  • Liver ultrasound
  • Cleansing of the digestive tract
  • Initial consultation and review with their dietician, including analysis and evaluation of your current eating and drinking habits
  • Planning of your personal detox diet and detox wellbeing-treatments
  • 3 detox infusions as requires (tailored individually)
  • Concluding medical consultation with the doctor and nutritionist – to discuss all the results found throughout your treatments and examinations
  • Personal health dossier
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"I thought that a hands-on manager/facilitator would have smoothed over the bumps
Staff are petulant even childish when mistakes are made
no one is accountable esp. in the wellness centtre were bookings can get complicated
the dining room staff were not charming at all

the pool was beautiful and the rooms needed an upgrade of paint and deep cleaning"
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