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Specifically tailored to the female body, this programme ensures that women’s health needs and concerns are addressed on a dedicated retreat. Whether you are concerned about an ailment bothering you, or simply want the peace of mind that everything is as it should be, this is the retreat for you. 

You will have the chance to undergo rigorous medical testing that includes specimen tests, a heart function test, and a mammogram to help uncover any underlying medical issues. You will also receive personalised support throughout the duration of your retreat and obtain recommendations for optimal preventive care following the test results which are based on the latest scientific findings, ensuring you are equipped to make positive changes to your life.

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Includes accommodation & a 4 night LADIES' CHECK-UP programme

Standard Inclusions
  • 4 nights stay
  • Specimen tests in the laboratory to check the values for liver, kidney and thyroid function, blood sugar, blood fat values, and to check the blood count
  • Heart function test on an ergometer (resting and stress ECG)
  • Concluding consultation with your doctor (discussion of all test results and advice on how to maintain and improve your general level of health)
  • Your own personal health file (in German or English)
  • Personalised support throughout the programme
4 Nights
  • Medical history discussion with a doctor
  • Lab checks for different organ functions
  • ECG
  • Mammography including ultrasound
  • Floating (relaxing hydrotherapy)
  • Medical face massage
  • Concluding consultation with your doctor

"In my opinion the only negative I have . More emphasis should be put in introducing you to other guests.the meeting table really is not adequate. No group meetInfant were had all the time I was there. I can mingle with any one . However it took me two days to start a conversation. Confusion being unsure whether it was a place for talking or not . So is in need to advertise promote group gatherings. So all feel totally comfortable. Every one I spoke to said this was lacking and such a shame . Apart from that I loved it 😀"
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