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Lefay Resort and Spa Postural Programme Review 24th March 2017, Daily Mail

Problems caused by bad posture affects 90% of adults, this can cause a range of issues from frequent aches and pains to bad circulation and reduced organ health.

Lefay Resort and Spa’s postural programme is designed to tackle these issues and prove it’s never too late to correct postural issues.

Journalist Claudia Connell recently booked into to try out the programme through Healing Holidays and here’s what she had to say:

 Daily Mail Lefay posture programme

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"I thought that a hands-on manager/facilitator would have smoothed over the bumps
Staff are petulant even childish when mistakes are made
no one is accountable esp. in the wellness centtre were bookings can get complicated
the dining room staff were not charming at all

the pool was beautiful and the rooms needed an upgrade of paint and deep cleaning"
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