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Why you should pick 38 degrees north for a fitness retreat

Healing holidays offer many different fitness retreat options all over the world. So, what makes 38 Degrees North so special? Well to start they were amongst one of the first companies to offer exclusively fitness based holidays and retreats in Spain. By having one main focus they’ve managed to carve out a niche in the market and become a frontrunner in their field. With a full staff dedicated solely to fitness related programmes their experts all have an honest passion for exercise, nutrition and wellbeing.

Bespoke and personalised programmes are available to suit your body needs along with targets and goals to achieve throughout your stay as well as targets to achieve following your stay, with advice and tips on maintaining what you’ve learnt. It’s important to remember that it’s not all about exercise; with 38 Degrees North they will focus on your health and ensure that you’re doing the right exercises and the correct amount of them so as not to put too much pressure on your body. All programmes are designed so as guests can interact with the stunning surroundings and nature around them throughout the retreat to truly make the most of the holiday. Their extensive programme list for fitness is impressive with a wide variety of options to suit those from beginner to intermediate exercise fanatics.  Here’s a closer look at some of the options on offer.

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Sup Yoga & Pilates programme at Sol Beach House

For a short break the Sup Yoga & Pilates programme is a great choice, it manages to combine exercise with relaxation leaving you feeling revitalized but rested.  

Activities on the programme include paddle boarding sessions to help tests your balance, strength and coordination, all whilst having fun and getting a workout with this deceivingly tricky but rewarding sport. Back on land the Yoga and Pilates sessions are altered to help encourage mindfulness and to improve knowledge around body awareness. Circuit sessions throughout the day will get the heart pumping, kettlebell exercises will tone the body and there’s still plenty more to improve the body and mind whilst having a good time.

The programme is open to a maximum of eight guests at one time, the limit on participants allows the trainers and wellness experts to spend more one on one time with guests and focus on their individual needs a lot more closely and efficiently.

38 degrees north paddle boarding 38 degrees north kickboxing

Body Re-set programme

This programme is all about female empowerment, a 3 night retreat run by women, for women. The main goal of the Body Re-set fitness programme is to improve fitness in a short period of time and in a comfortable environment where women can talk openly about their bodies with other female professionals.

The retreat begins with a prompt fitness consultation upon arrival, this will help determine which areas of the body will be best to target. A full body analysis is conducted to gather more information along with biometric and fitness testing to get the full picture of your current physiology.

Each day will consist of 4-6 activities ranging from intensive core session of bootcamp and circuits, to more relaxed Yoga and Pilates. Throughout your stay all gym facilities are also available to use along with hiking sessions and paddle boarding allowing you to enjoy the scenic views around.

Healthy food will be provided throughout your stay with nutritional workshops available to help maintain a healthy lifestyle after your stay.

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DNA Fit programme

The DNA Fit programme offers guests an in depth health experience for those who need more guidance when improving their fitness. Whether you’re a beginner in need of a starting block or a more experienced guest looking to make their training more efficient, the DNA Fit programme is designed to inform and improve its participant’s current fitness situation.

To ensure improvement, tests are first carried out to learn more about the individual’s body and genetics. The tests will be able to provide information around what the right nutrition and exercise the body needs, after all one size doesn’t fit all. These results also allow the health experts at 38 north to tailor the programme around their guests needs individually, making for a more efficient and productive experience.

Following DNA testing, activities will include; boot camp, kickboxing, circuit training and plenty more, all tailored to your body’s needs. Healthy food is provided along with access to further fitness equipment throughout your stay.

38 degrees north yoga 38 degrees north pilates

Body Fit Programme at Sol Beach House

For a longer and more intense programme “Body Fit” will have you working from start to end of the 6 night retreat. The programme will begin with a fitness consultation from their knowledgeable staff that will help shape your programme for the week so as to best benefit your needs.

A range of activities are available, from high intensity cardio, kickboxing and Tabata training to yoga, pilates and other less strenuous activities to partake in.

This programme is also available for more advanced fitness fanatics as the body fit plus programme, with more activity options and exercise time throughout the retreat.

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For more information on 38 Degrees North or booking one of their fitness programme’s drop us an enquiry or call on 020 7843 3597.

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