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Digital Detox
5 Reasons Why You Must Experience Vana in India

Vana was the created by Veer Singh, who sought to invent the world’s most iconic wellness retr...

Why You Should Consider a Digital Detox?

You’re not aloneFeel like you’re running ever faster, just to stand still? Feeling like ...

Escape to Vana for a Digital Detox Retreat

Why Digital Detox?Did you know that constantly dropping your head to look at your smart phone screen...

What Happens to your Brain and Body During a Digital Detox?

You may well be familiar with the concept of a digital detox, a detox where you give up all your dig...

10 Reasons to do a Digital Detox

Relinquishing all your digital devices may seem like a scary concept, no smartphones, no Wi-Fi, no T...

The benefits of a Digital Detox

Need a break from sensory overload? Want to detox your brain as well as your body? Break free of you...

"Vana was a perfect experience in every way I would have no hesitation in recommending it most highly to others"
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